This page is a chance to look at some of my past ceramics.

Some images of figurative pieces, most from the days firing the anagama kiln at Rufford, Nottinghamshire.

Now in a private collection
now in a private collection
based on a drawing I made observing musicians, and the first of a series of musicians- see seated violinist
developed from a series of drawings I made of moving figures.
from figure group series.
from a series of figure groups
From a drawing based on a stage setting
Based on a drawing of a dancing figure
A large garden sculpture collection of the artist
Based on a series about personal relationships.. collection musee de la Poterie, Sadirac, Bourdeaux, France
A statement about contemporary life! private collection.
an upside down figurative piece. private collection.
Another tableau , this in shallow relief with a fallen dancer in the fore ground.
one of a series of tableau reliefs. this is based on a drawing by Goya.
coiled raku piece , a variation on the wood fired lovers. Private collection.
And whilst I am talking raku, here is a raku vessel- I made several and sold them at Art in Clay.
raku fired vessel
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